the open source, programmable, home automation server for smart connected devices and applications

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What is this all about?

We can see thousands of new connected devices appearing day by day, creating much enthropy and own protocols. Having a well designed software, ready to handle and manage all of this, is such a big challenge. This is the scenario where HomeGenie is growing up, and its mission is to try to find a reasonable way of converging all these new on going technologies into one single piece of software.


Integrated Editor for Automation Programs and UI Widgets

In order to achieve this mission, the key factor for a such kind of software is to offer an integrated enviroment and set of tools for adding new features and supporting new hardware or services with a little effort, and also let the end user do this on his own, so to have a easy way to integrate custom solutions as needed.
For this purpose, HomeGenie integrate Automation Program and Widget editor, so that if you want to improve a widget or integrate a new device/service, you will be able to do it without leaving HomeGenie UI.

Core development - Multi-protocol I/O Gateway (MIG)

Whenever the integrated editor is not providing enough “power” for interfacing to something, MIG can offer a more flexible solution throught its Interface Plugins. MIG is the base library top of which HG is built on. However, developing an Interface Plugins, will require to go outside HomeGenie UI and use an external IDE such as Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio so to take advantage of the full power of .NET framework and C# language.

Software Diagram